Koffi & Bitacola – Two incredible and amazing detectives from Africa

Vol.1: Koffi is looking for a friend (color version)

Book Cover: Koffi & Bitacola - Two incredible and amazing detectives from Africa
Editions:PDF (Englisch): € 4,99 EUR
ISBN: 978-1511811231
Pages: 125

The topic of the first volume is Koffi’s search for a friend. He meets many animals, among them a lion, a snail, an elephant... They all want to be his friend but the parrot always finds a reason why it won't work out.
Then Koffi meets the little monkey – the only animal who does not want to be friends with him. He is mean and cheeky and wants Koffi to go away. Koffi doesn’t understand why the little monkey treats him this way but soon he understands why the little monkey is so angry and this gives him a chance to convince him to become his friend.
Will he convince him?
Will they become friends?


This series of books will bring a breath of fresh air into the world of children’s books. Over 15 volumes are planned, with funny, breathtaking, moving and exciting detective stories. The adventures take place in Africa and all over the world, filled with nature, animals and many things to learn. Stories full of secrets, amusing nonsense and fun, just like adults and children love them. I address real topics that deal with real people and with the future of our kids in a thrilling and humorous way: Values, our environment, animals, learning topics, friendship, loyalty, reliability, helpfulness, trouble, sadness, separation and reconciliation, forgiveness, tolerance, solidarity, respect, courage, faith, patience and many more. My books show kids positive possibilities, they let them dream, strengthen their self-confidence and self-assurance, give them the courage to try new and difficult things. They learn to see the good in things and to take a stand for it, to be there for each other, and to know – even though they are kids now – they will be able to make a change: They are the future.

This wonderful book was illustrated by the author’s son when he was seven years old!

It is also available with black and white illustrations for only 14,99€, and in German!

Publisher: Dantse Dantse

“Mum, mum!”

„Yes, what is it Koffi? What are you yelling for so loudly?”

“Come here mummy, fast!”

“Yeah, you again, why do I have to come? You can come to me.”

“No, mummy, I want to show you something!”

“Well, I know what you mean by ‘showing something’ well enough by now!”

“No mum, it’s for real this time, come quickly!” [...]

“Why do they go to school?”

“Because they have to go to school.”

“What is school then, mum?”

“It’s where you learn to read and write.”

“Why do you have to learn to read and write, if you can talk, mum?”

“To know things, and to write letters, or read books.”

“What are letters?”

“In letters grown-up children tell their mum and dad how they are.”

“Why do they have to write letters, mum? If I wanted to tell you how I am I will just come and talk to you.”

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“Yes, but once you have grown up and live somewhere else, you can write to your dad and tell him what you are up to.”

“No!” he yelled vigorously, “I don’t want to leave!”

“But when you are grown up, you will have to, my dear.”

“If I am your dear, why do I have to go?”

“When you are grown up you have to go, because that’s what grown-ups do.”

“What if I don’t grow up, mum? Can I stay with you then?“

“All children grow up, you will too.”

“No, this is why I won’t, mum!”

“Why don’t you start by telling people your real age then? I thought you wanted to be older. You are three and still tell everyone that you are five already.”

“Because it is true, mum, I am five. I spent two more years inside your tummy. But now I don’t want to and I will not grow up any more.”


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