LOVE YOUR BOWEL – your body’s medical and spiritual center: the underestimated healer

Amazing new knowledge about your bowel all healing starts in the bowel

What is the book about? Here you can find the table of contents of "LOVE YOUR BOWEL - your body's medical and spiritual center: the underestimated healer" by Dantse Dantse and explore all the amazing topics.

Dieses Buch ist auch auf DEUTSCH erhältlich.

Many people are suffering from physical constraints like skin diseases, diabetes, dementia, allergies, obesity, fungus infections, migraine, or also psychological constraints like fears, stress, eating disorders or mood swings up to depression.

They do not know that the cause for this is inside of the bowel. With a bowel restoration and the targeted intake of specific food with a dietary change, you can win back your physical and mental health and protect it lastingly.

Restoring, cleaning, regenerating, healing and strengthening the bowel – only with food.

In this book, you will learn exactly how to thoroughly clean your bowel and how to keep it fit and healthy afterwards. An alkaline, high-fiber and bitter nutrition is the foundation, but many other important kinds of food are presented to you: from vegetable oil to tropic food with healing power and power-smoothies. But not only nutrition can heal your bowel – also vitamin D, exercise, sex, protein, fasting or belly massages help your bowel to feel entirely comfortable and to reliably and successfully do its job as the medical center for your physical and mental health.

Bowel restoration and then a nutrition that follows Dantse Nutritional Logic DNL 15/85 helps you with:
• Anxieties
• Avolition
• Autism
• Eating disorders
• Obesity
• Hormonal disorders
• Food intolerances
• Deficiency signs
• PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
• Painful menstruation
• Irritability
• Sleeping disorders
• Stress
• Addiction problems
• Mood problems up to depression
• Inflammations
• Infections
• Cancer
• And much more



The sun is a strong “medication” for the bowel. If sun (vitamin D) is missing, the bowel goes down.

A lot of scientific studies today show that a sufficient supply of vitamin D is essential for the body and its lasting health. Vitamin D takes part in numerous metabolic processes in the body. The sun encourages the metabolism! Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphate metabolisms and strengthens muscles. The sun is also a “nutrient” for cancer prevention.

Diseases which are connected to a lack of vitamin D are: bone diseases like osteomalacia and rickets, osteoporosis, increased susceptibility to infections, muscle weakness, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, colds, inflammations, cancer, etc. A lack of vitamin D can also lead to a heart attack.

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Vitamin D is not actually a real vitamin, but a hormone. The uniqueness of this vitamin compared to others lies in its development on the skin itself, while UV radiation is striking us.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is therefore saved in body fat, but also in muscles. In winter, we live with the reservoir of vitamin D that we collected in the summer months. Once the vitamin D reservoir is full, we get through winter quite well – if it does not last too long.

All this does not work for people who are obese though: vitamin D is stored in their body fat, but often it is not delivered into the blood anymore. That is why a lack of vitamin D is common for overweight people.

The summer reservoir is also not sufficient for a lot of people with normal weight though. They go into the sun, but their body does not produce a lot of vitamin D due to sunscreen on the whole body. This leads to many people especially becoming sick in the winter months, or having a bad mood, headaches, migraine, colds, fever, etc.

Vitamin D receptors are spread on the bowel’s cells. They help with the smooth processing of calcium. This function fights overacidification in the bowel. In this way, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and bowel inflammations are prevented or combatted.

UV radiation is not effective when having to go through glass like that of windows in cars and houses to reach the body. Even if you feel the sun, the skin cannot produce vitamin D.

UV radiation in tanning salons is also completely ineffective and only damages the skin.

Proteins restore the bowel


Food with a lot of proteins helps with bowel cleaning and fights bowel diseases. A high-protein nutrition can ease inflammations in the bowel and its surrounding area, as well as diseases like Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of mucosa with uncertain cause) or Ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammation of the mucosa of the large bowel).

A person cannot survive without protein. Our skin, our muscles, our heart, our liver, our lungs, our brain, our bones, arteries, veins, hair, fingernails, etc. are made from tissue that stems from proteins.

Proteins have important functions for the human body. All organs and cells in our body contain proteins. Being enzymes, they regulate the metabolism. All proteins consist of vital amino acids. Each amino acid connects with other amino acids and in this way builds chains with specific protective functions as well as precise functions.

There are bacteria in the bowel that require proteins (amino acids) to activate certain immune cells that protect the body’s tissue. The lack or respectively an underdosage of proteins can lead to a lack of certain bacteria in the bowel, the ones which activate immune cells. This can lead to diseases and obesity. Proteins are important to burn and process fat.

Proteins contain all essential amino acids in the right amounts. Proteins are needed to transport fat and cholesterol throughout the entire body. If fat and carbohydrates are available in insufficient amounts, proteins produce energy that the body needs.

Since proteins cannot be stored in the body like fat, the body must be supplied with them as often as possible. Valuable animal proteins must be an essential part of every health program for non-vegetarians, to restore the bowel and for losing weight. Meat, beef and venison, poultry, and fish all contain a lot of proteins. I have observed this with people in Cameroon and Chad, who eat a lot of beef. They are very muscular and slim, while rarely suffering from so-called diseases of civilization.

Animal proteins are the best kind of proteins when talking about nutritional value. For a proper protein metabolism, it is necessary that all amino acids are available, in the right ratio towards each other. Therefore, a balanced, valuable intake of proteins is so important - and it is easiest reached with animal meat.


Important: Processed meat products like ham, sausage, baloney, canned meat, etc. contain so many chemicals that they are a real threat to your health if they are eaten regularly and in high amounts. Processed meat products are therefore no good source for proteins.

Attention: Not only a lack of proteins can damage your health and cause diseases. Also the intake of too many proteins over a longer period of time can damage for example bowel and bowel flora, liver, or kidneys, which in turn makes the body sick.



About the author:

Dantse Dantse was born in Germany, studied in Germany and has been living in the city of Darmstadt for over 25 years. He is father of five, a type of human being you would usually call a survivalist. Unconventional, a free spirit with body and mind who is independent of the establishment, although he respects it completely.
As a child he lived together with 25 other children in total. His father had three officially married wives at the same time and they all lived together in the same complex. Growing up in this way, values like giving, sharing, emotions, love, jealousy, patience, compassion, and much else came with a different emphasis than in a so-called “normal” family. These childhood experiences, his African roots, the cultural influence of Europe on him, as well as his years of coaching experiences make him see, act and be different at times, which is very refreshing in a sense.
As the first African in Germany that founded a publishing house, indayi edition, and as an unconventional author, he likes to write and publish books that reflect his intercultural experiences. Books about values and about topics that society does not like to talk about and would prefer to brush under the carpet, but that are relevant for millions of people: homosexuality in Africa, female circumcision, sexuality, organ trafficking, racism, mental disorders, sexual abuse, and others. He writes and publishes books with the goal of explaining, changing, and improving – be it his guides, nonfiction books, novels, children’s books, or political blog-commentaries.
Inspired by his insights and knowledge from Africa which he acquired through many teachings and by his own extreme experiences and experiments – e.g. the excessive consumption of sugar to examine the effects on the psyche – as well as scientific studies and researches and with experiences from different parts of the world, he helps women, men and children through his coaching in the areas of nutrition, health, career, stress, burnout, spirituality, body, family, and love. With Dantse Dantse, you will master your life!
His unmistakable writing style, shaped by his African and French mother tongues, is his distinctive feature and was preserved by very cautious translation and editing.

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