4 Shades of Black & White – The African Way of Sex and Love: black love, black sex, white passion – thousands of ways out of Africa

Omnibus Novel: Vol. 1 + Vol. 2

Book Cover: 4 Shades of Black & White - The African Way of Sex and Love: black love, black sex, white passion - thousands of ways out of Africa

What is the book about? Here you can find the table of contents of "4 Shades of Black & White - The African Way of Sex and Love: black love, black sex, white passion - thousands of ways out of Africa" by Dantse Dantse and explore all the amazing topics.


Mendo choup ke joug Evarist Dieu ne dort, a married young man also called “Johnny Walker”, makes up a master plan past any comparison to get to Europe with his family: a white woman, “Ms Visa”, must be found!
He needs to convince that woman to marry him, so he can leave the country. His real wife poses as his sister, his children as his nieces and nephews. As he arrives in Europe with his white wife, he wants to get his “sister” and the children there as well. The first part of his plan succeeds: he gets to Europe. But how will he get his “sister” there? Cunning Johnny makes up the second part of his plan. His white wife has a brother, so Johnny sings praises of his “sister” to him until the man leaves for Cameroon, falls in love with her, marries her and gets her to Europe with him. Afterwards, all four of them live together in their family home - a ménage à quatre. The two white siblings suspect nothing, until the third part of Johnny’s plan takes form …

Volume 1: the funny and captivating search for “Ms Visa” in Africa

Johnny leaves his family behind in Douala to go off in search for tourists in the idyllic beach town Kribi in Cameroon. He hopes to find the white woman he longs for there.
After a short time, he meets Carla, a German development aid worker. As he begins a passionate affair with her, the first part of his plan gets within reach. But he did not expect others to intervene: Mauritz - Carla’s boyfriend - and her colleague Anna, who seems to have taken an interest in Johnny as well. Manipulated by Anna, Mauritz puts Carla under pressure and she disappears without a trace. Therefore, a sudden love triangle starts developing between Johnny, Mauritz and Anna. They come closer to each other and search for Carla together.

What happened to her? Will she return? Who will she choose? Is Carla Johnny’s “Ms Visa”? Or will Anna be “the chosen one” in the end? That, we may get to know in volume 2 …


Volume 2: the captivating fight for love - love words or proofs of love?

What happened to Carla? Johnny’s first white affair disappeared, Mauritz, Anna and the others have left Kribi and Johnny is alone again. But as a positively thinking master of the art of living, Johnny still believes in his dream to find a white wife.
It is as if destiny has heard his prayers: a new group of tourists arrives in Kribi, and the fascinating Liege from Belgium is a part of it. Johnny sees her as another chance, but it turns out that Liege is married. However, Johnny’s friend Roger - a self-proclaimed connoisseur of white women - claims that that is exactly why she is the right one for him, and Johnny begins a promising affair with her. But suddenly Carla and Anna are back in his life again …

the drama unfolds and takes its course; what weighs heavier: the Europeans’ words of love or the Africans’ proofs of love?

This trilogy succeeds like no other in pulling the reader deep into a magical world full of adventure - into a foreign, nearly mystical culture, with its ease of life and its many helpful wisdoms. A world in which the clocks work in a different direction, but everyone still moves forward. Afro-European relationships and their clichés are shown in a realistic and entertaining way.

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