DANTSELOG – My revolutionary self-dialogue communication to solve all problems – How to talk to yourself and change your life forever. Part 1: The logic behind my revolutionary self-dialogue communication

Origins and mechanisms of Dantselog and its success stories

What is the book about? Here you can find the table of contents of "DANTSELOG - My revolutionary self-dialogue communication to solve all problems - How to talk to yourself and change your life forever" by Dantse Dantse and explore all the amazing topics.


Dantselog changes your life! 
You will master your life with Dantselog!


Promoting career; getting a raise; outstripping competitors; coping with stress and preventing burnout; positively influencing the will of others, sadly also negatively manipulating; enforcing your own will and wishes; reaching athletic excellence without doping; overcoming severe psychological discomfort and traumata; examining your past like under hypnosis; supporting the healing process of serious diseases; finally helping therapy-resistant patients; fully healing depression, bulimia, anorexia; losing weight; finding the most difficult solutions, meaning also solving desperate problems; improving love and self-confidence; gaining security with speeches in front of people; eliminating crises, blockades and fears; averting separations and reuniting relationships; stopping streaks of bad luck and stages of unhappiness; coping with mobbing, self-destruction, anger, grief, and frustration; gaining control over stressful situations; increasing sexual power and potency, i.e. combatting impotence and sexual weakness; increasing performance and motivation; exercising memory; strengthening concentration; recovering from amnesia and bringing back the forgotten from childhood, for example to detect cases of abuse; and much more.

What is Dantselog?
Finally find the right solutions, heal yourself and reach your desired goals. You too can bring about miracles. Master the art of reaching what you want, when you want it, how you want it.
Dantselog is a technique of structured, purposeful, and controlled self-instructions in special conversations with yourself to reach a certain desired goal.

These self-instructions will become ingrained into your spirit and body and can cause miracles.


Dantseloggers, your fictional dialog partners, will help you to simulate social, private, professional, personal, and sanitary interactions and activities as if they were real. They are supposed to help you to identify and locate problems, mistakes, reasons, and origins, to analyze, recognize, or understand situations, to process them, come to terms with them, or take precautions against them. All that to find solutions in the end. Because Dantselog is always about solutions.
In Dantselogs, you can create for example an upcoming or current situation in your head or on paper. See it like a theater play, with different actors, where you imitate how all of it could play out. You imagine, how an upcoming negotiation, exam, talk, interview, or sales talk could take place and which questions could be asked (how and by whom). In this way, you draw the picture of paths and solutions to successfully reach your goal.
It would also be possible to imagine a current dispute at your workplace, a psychological strain, or a disease that you want to get rid of. There is no limit to the choice of actors. Depending on what it is and what you want to achieve, your created actors could be colleagues, partners, parents, children, clients, neighbors, or even objects like cars, clothes, diseases, etc. You can also depict for example a headache as an actor to start a dialog with and to eliminate.

Dantselogs can also work like (self-)hypnosis, but in a conscious, awake state. In this way, they help to bring back suppressed memories from early childhood. Thereby, Dantselogs keep the past awake to extract certain insights to positively influence current or future situations.
A positive side-effect of Dantselog is that it helps you to take the time for yourself, to establish contact with yourself.


Dantselog leads to a higher awareness regarding contact to yourself. You will get to know yourself better and learn how to accept yourself as you are.
This will improve your self-love and self-assurance. You will become more confident and stable.

Unbelievable success and
Healing stories with Dantselog!

Dantselog can eliminate severe strains. How much would you give for being healthy and staying healthy?



Since years, I have devoted myself to the healing power of imagination, thoughts, self-hypnosis, the spoken word, and soliloquies. At first, I experimented with myself, to understand how all this knowledge and its different components can be used to heal yourself and others and solve problems of all kinds. The question that concerned me a lot was how to be able to simplify those techniques to make them accessible for everyone, without making them sound esoteric. Because there is a logical science behind it. I wanted to achieve that this knowledge can help everyone, that it is not only a luxury of a selected few who understand certain natural laws well and have mastered them.
My motto is that a knowledge which does not lead to an improvement of the living conditions of humanity is useless. But these insights are so very useful for people that it has been my goal for 15 years to spread it as a method of healing and finding solutions one day. A method that everyone can understand and apply.
This wish, that people’s lives become easier and better had been my motivation to work patiently for many years, to be able to present something that can really work – useful and applicable for everyone. Therefore, I have served as my own human guinea pig for many years.
My method worked quite well for me from some point on. Not always, but I was able to master many situations and even solve cases from which nobody would have thought a happy ending possible. Later, I tested this method on other people, with partly astonishing results. Some personal fates turned into something completely positive, like for example these ones:
The therapy-resistant, mentally ill mother of two, who has been healed after 30 years and finally made her dream come true.
The cancer patient with the tumor that stopped growing.
The manager who was about to be fired but experienced a miracle in his exit interview.
The woman who experienced her first orgasm with almost 60 years old, after she learned what had happened to her, blocked her and made her become an underachiever 50 years earlier, thanks to Dantselog.
Years of nightmares of an 11-year-old that suddenly vanished.
The man that had been smoking for 35 years, since he had been 14, and quit thanks to “Hans, stop smoking!”
The man that finally achieved to stop his premature ejaculation after 21 years.
The failed businessperson who was able to save his company after the bank had helped him despite his negative credit report. Thanks to Dantselog, he is making millions today.
The doctor who healed a desperate woman with an undefined skin condition thanks to Dantselog, despite her and her colleagues having diagnosed her as uncurable.
The woman who won a marathon thanks to Dantselog, beating all men.
The man who got his wife back after a year of separation.
The woman that passed state examination at her third try, although nobody believed in her anymore.
You will read all these stories in this book and learn how these successes came to be. You will learn how to bend and direct your destiny in a direction where it will do you good.



In this part 1, you will learn what Dantselog is and everything about its originhow it works, and its success stories, and what you need to know to make miracles happen in conversations with yourself.

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