Cancer terrorists: pizza, chips, schnitzel, toast, Nutella, cream cake, cola. You love them, you like them, you are addicted to them, you can’t do without them. But they destroy you!

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In diesem Handbuch finden sich erstmalig all die ungeschönten Informationen, welche Lebensmittel eine Krebsgefahr erhöhen. Zum ersten Mal gibt es einen Ratgeber auf dem Markt, der genau aufzeigt, was wie wo drin ist – ganz detailliert!


Wie kann unsere Ernährung Krebs auslösen?


Cancer arises from everyday food. That’s how you eat and drink it into existence.



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Our lifestyle and eating habits have changed in recent years. This has led to a particular increase in the incidence of cancer in Western countries. Yet the disease can be preventable to a certain extent. This is because proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can prevent many cancers. Poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle can spread them. This book mainly reports on the latter, the dangerous cancer terrorists in our food.

Cancer occurs when cells proliferate uncontrollably and form new tissue or grow a malignant tumor. More than one third of all cancers are diet-related! This is because we actively increase the risk of developing cancer with our diet or lifestyle! In Germany, almost 500,000 people are diagnosed with cancer for the first time every year, and more than half of them die. The most common type of cancer in men, for example, is prostate cancer, and in women it is breast cancer. But children are most likely to develop leukemia.

For the first time, the foods that wreck your body, keep you sick and promote cancer are listed.
In this book, the author Braun builds on the latest scientific research. Add to that insights from African natural medicine and his coaching. The result is an easy-to-understand and actionable guide to help YOU improve your diet and fight disease!

This cancer-book provides answers to questions such as:

  • What exactly is cancer?
  • Why are dairy products, sugar and wheat enemies of our health? And which drinks harm our body?
  • What are the effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies?
  • What environment favors the development of cancer?
  • Where are additives (preservatives, colorings, etc.) found in foods and what do they cause?
  • What toxins and chemicals are in what foods and are even in baby foods carcinogens?


In this antic-cancer-book:

Understandable and simple. Author Braun has compiled facts from many scientific studies, his findings from Africa and his coaching, which he shows here.

There is also a lot of interesting information. They are packed in understandable and reader-friendly texts. By means of provable study excerpts and suitable pictures the author offers a book for everyone. Everyone can deal with the disease cancer. Get to grips with cancer-favoring foods!
In this handbook, for the first time, you will find all the unvarnished information about which foods increase a cancer risk. For the first time, there is a guidebook on the market that shows exactly what is in what and where – in great detail!
The author Tabou Banganté Blessing Braun relentlessly shows us how we feed cancer cells with our everyday diet. It’s not just us who love to eat and drink sugary foods. Tumors can also develop magnificently because of the ingredients.

Published by Dantse Dantse:

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