The ultimative Anti-CANCER Book! – Heal yourself

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Hauptmerkmale der Buches:

  • Risikoverminderung in nur 2 Wochen

  • Lebensmittel, die Krebszellen effektiv beseitigen

  • Warum Krebs in westlichen Ländern viel häufiger ein Problem ist, als in Afrika

  • Wie Du selbst Krebs-Heilkräfte nutzen kannst, ohne auf teure und patentierte Medikamente der Pharma-Industrie angewiesen zu sein

  • Wie und Warum Naturmedizin DER Schlüssel zur Krebsheilung ist

  • Warum wir glauben, dass der Geldbeutel keine Rolle für die Gesundheit spielt und jeder Mensch es verdient hat zu lernen, wie man sich selbst heiltBUY NOW


Deine Vorteile die Du in diesem Buch findest:

  • Liste aller Vitamine und Mineralstoffe: wo sie vorkommen, ihre Antikrebs-Funktion, was ein Mangel verursacht
  • Liste der Anti-Krebs-Vitamine und -Mineralstoffe, Antioxidantien,Basische, bittere, säuerliche Lebensmittel , die Krebszellen bekämpfen
  • Liste der Gifte und Chemikalien in Lebensmitteln, die Krebs erzeugen und Gegenmaßnahme
  • Liste afrikanischer Wunder-Kohlenhydrate und andererTropenlebensmittel mit starker Anti-Krebs-Heilkraft, effektivste Anti-Krebs-Kämpfer
  • Detaillierte Auflistung vieler Anti-Krebs-Lebensmittel nach Nahrungsmittelbereichen: Anti-Krebs-Obst, Anti-Krebs-Nüsse, Anti-Krebs-Gemüse, anti-Krebs-Fette usw.
  • Erklärung, warum pflanzliches Öl unverzichtbar ist im Kampf gegen Krebs
  • Wie man die Darmflora gesund bekommt und warum dies die Basis des erfolgreichen Kampfes gegen Krebs ist
  • Wie die Sonne Krebs verhindert und Krebszellen hemmt
  • Afrikanisch inspirierte Kochrezepte für eine komplette Woche, die wirksam Krebs vorbeugen und die Entwicklung von Krebszellen verhindern
  • Und vieles mehr!

Wissenschaftliche Studie: afrikanische Ernährung zeigte Krebsrisikoverminderung in nur zwei Wochen. In nur zwei Wochen Ernährungsumstellung von der westlichen auf die afrikanische Ernährung, zeigten laut einer wissenschaftlichen Studie Afro-Amerikaner ersten Zeichen einer Risikoverminderung an Darmkrebs zu erkranken. In diesem Buch wirst du erfahren warum!

Studien besagen, dass der Sauersack – die Graviola-Frucht – die Krebszellen bis zu 10.000 Mal effektiver beseitigen kann als eine Chemotherapie und, anders als die Chemotherapie, ohne dabei die gesunden Zellen anzugreifen. Somit bestätigen sie, was viele Naturmediziner in Afrika schon immer wussten. Viele Tipps in diesem Buch kennt nur die Pharmaindustrie und ab jetzt auch du.

Krebs ist verhütbar – Krebs ist besiegbar

Dass Menschen in Afrika die niedrigste Krebsrate weltweit haben, ist kein Zufall. Viele Studien belegen, dass die Art, wie sie sich ernähren und ihre alltäglichen Lebensmittel de facto Anti-Krebs-Medikamente sind. Die Pharmaindustrie nutzt das Wissen über diese Heilkräfte, um Medikamente zu patentieren und teuer zu verkaufen – wie zum Beispiel die Yams-Kapseln. Der Autor zeigt dir in diesem Buch, wie du diese Heilkräfte ganz einfach und natürlich für dich nutzen kannst, ohne teure Pharmaprodukte zu kaufen. Er bereichert dich mit super Tipps, innovativen Informationen und leckeren Kochrezepten aus Afrika und stellt dir Lebensmittel vor, die echte Krebszellen-Killer sind. Dantse stellt in diesem Buch Erkenntnisse der Schul- und Naturmedizin zusammen, die für einen Großteil von uns neu und überraschend sind. Er hilft dir zu verstehen, warum und wieso die Ernährung und die Wahl der Lebensmittel Krebs entstehen lassen, diesen bekämpfen und gar verhindern können.

Ein Buch für die ganze Familie, für Mediziner, Heiler, Kranke und Gesunde


The Ultimate Anti-CANCER Book! Features of the book:

Risk reduction in just 2 weeks

The Ultimate Anti-CANCER Book! Means that effectively eliminate cancer cells

Why cancer is a much more common problem in western countries than in Africa


Your advantages that you will find in this book:

Prevent the development of cancer cells

And much more!

Scientific study: African diet showed cancer risk reduction in just two weeks. According to a scientific study, in just two weeks of switching from the Western to the African diet, African Americans showed the first signs of a reduced risk of developing colon cancer. In this book you will find out why!

Studies say that the soursop – the graviola fruit – can eliminate cancer cells up to 10,000 times more effectively than chemotherapy. Unlike chemotherapy, without attacking the healthy cells. They therefore confirm what many naturopaths in Africa have always known. Many of the tips in this book are only known to the pharmaceutical industry and from now on you too.

Cancer is preventable – cancer is defeatable

It is no coincidence that people in Africa have the lowest cancer rate in the world. Many studies show that the way they eat and the foods they eat everyday are de facto anti-cancer drugs. The pharmaceutical industry uses the knowledge of these healing powers to patent drugs and sell them at high prices. Like, for example, the yam capsules. The author shows you in this book how you can easily and naturally use these healing powers for yourself without buying expensive pharmaceutical products. He enriches you with great tips, innovative information and delicious cooking recipes from Africa and introduces you to foods that are real cancer cell killers. In this book, Dantse compiles insights from conventional and natural medicine that are new and surprising to most of us. It helps you to understand why and how the diet and the choice of food can cause cancer, fight it and even prevent it.

The Ultimate Anti-CANCER Book! A book for the whole family, for doctors, healers, the sick and the healthy.


About the author:

Dantse Dantse comes from Cameroon and is a knowledge teacher, knowledge coach, entrepreneur and multiple bestselling author with over 120 books in German as well as in other world languages. He writes self-help-books, non-fiction books on health, psychology, parenting and novels. He is publisher, a founder, an expert in nutrition, the human mind and of personality-developmental-science. Dantse Dantse works and lives in Darmstadt.

As a child he lived together with 25 siblings. His father was married to 3 women simultaneously, they all lived together on a property. Values like giving, sharing, emotions, love, jealousy, patience, and compassion are differently nuanced there compared to a so called “normal” family. These childhood experiences, his African roots, the European influence and his many years of coaching experience make him see some things differently act differently and be different. There is something refreshing and inspiring and enriching about it.

As an unconventional author, he enjoys writing and publishing books that reflect his intercultural experiences. Books about values and topics that society does not like to address and prefers to sweep under the rug, but which affect millions of people, such as family energy vampirism, homosexuality, sexuality, organ trafficking, racism, mental disorders, sexual abuse in families, etc. He writes and publishes books that aim to explain, change and improve – be it through his advice, non-fiction, novels, children’s books or political blog comments.

Dantse Dantse’s books, all of which are African inspired, change lives. They are intended to help you think and rethink, broaden your horizons, bring the world together and honor Africa. The charming publisher of indayi edition,, the publishing house for special books, says: “My dream is to publish even more books by African authors”. For Dantse Dantse, Africa is at the center of his work.

With his innovative and inimitable African-inspired knowledge and life theory “DantseLOGIC”,, which has made him a sought-after knowledge teacher and successful coach, he helps people to achieve their goals and to be successful and happy in the long term and to fight diseases without medication.

Apart from that, he is also the founder of the online portal KLICKLAC, an online platform for buying and selling digital guides, This online marketplace enables authors and consultants as well as people from other professional backgrounds worldwide to sell their knowledge or their books chapter by chapter in text, audio or video form. The users should also benefit from this: They can buy the advice they really need for little money and do not have to buy the entire book.

His motto is action and at the same time program “Your success alone is my benchmark, this is what I stand for with my good name and reputation.”

His distinctive writing style, shaped by his African mother tongue, is his distinguishing feature and was preserved in the text and only carefully edited. His books are now being translated and published in many languages around the world so that more people can benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

About the publisher:

indayi edition is an aspiring, small, colourful, extraordinary start-up publisher in Darmstadt, the first German-language publisher founded by an African migrant in Germany. Everything that affects, touches and moves people is published here, regardless of their cultural background and origin. Indayi edition publishes books about values ​​and about topics that society doesn’t like to talk about and are preferred to be swept under the carpet, but which millions of people suffer from. Books published by indayi have the goal of explaining, changing and improving something – be it guidebooks, non-fiction, novels or children’s books. The range is diverse: from romance novels, guidebooks on eroticism, love, education, health, cancer and diet, exciting thrillers and detective stories, psychological self-help books, books on politics, culture, society and history, cookbooks and books for children and young people.

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