Love your body. Losig weight with charme in just 21 days. African inspiration.

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In nur 3 Monaten zu einem neuen, festen Körper! Sag Adieu zu deiner Fettwampe!

Dauerhafte Gewichtsreduktion, ohne Jo-Jo-Effekt? Gezielt abnehmen und Fett am Bauch oder an den Hüften verlieren? Ohne Fitnessstudio? Ja, das geht! Erfolgscoach, Ernährungsberater und Autor Dantse Dantse zeigt dir wie! Lerne wie Du mit guten Kohlenhydraten zum Traumkörper gelangst, welche tropischen Lebensmittel dein Fett schmelzen lassen, welche drei magischen Waffen dein Übergewicht wegzaubern und viele mehr!
Bekämpfe dein Fett, ohne Diät und baue Muskeln auf, ohne Fitnessstudio. Das beste Beispiel ist Dantse Dantse selbst, der ohne Diät und ohne Fitnessstudio immer sein Gewicht wie vor 30 Jahren behält und weiterhin Muskeln wie ein 25-Jähriger hat.
Praxiserprobte und flexible Programme zum Abnehmen, die garantiert funktionieren! Programme, die Du so noch nicht kennst. Programme, die dir Spaß machen und dich tagtäglich aufs neue motivieren.

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A new, firm body in just 3 months! Say goodbye to your fat belly!

Permanent weight loss without yo-yo effect? Lose weight in a targeted manner and lose fat on your stomach or hips? Beautiful body without the gym? Yes, that’s possible! Success coach, nutritionist and author Dantse Dantse shows you how! Learn how to get to the dream body with good carbohydrates, which tropical foods will melt your fat and which three magic weapons will conjure up your excess weight and much more!

Get the perfect body without dieting

Fight your fat without dieting and build muscle without a gym. The best example is Dantse Dantse himself, who, without dieting and without the gym, keeps his weight the same as 30 years ago and still has muscles like a 25-year-old.
Field-tested and flexible weight loss programs that are guaranteed to work! You don’t know they exist yet. They are fun and motivate you every day.

Programs that make losing weight easy for your body! 

In addition, this guide combines scientific knowledge with secret and amazing facts of the natural sciences of Africa. This provides a lot of new input that will amaze you:

  • tropical foods that are real fat killers
  • how a bitter and alkaline diet helps you lose weight
  • vitamins that melt the pounds
  • how to lose weight with plenty of vegetable oil
  • the three magical herbal spices that melt fat even while you sleep
  • which carbohydrates burn fat and build muscle
  • how to cleanse your intestinal flora, because losing weight starts in the intestine
  • psychological factors that play a central role in losing weight
  • how to purify your body
  • why hunger pangs occur and how to avoid them
  • fixed programs with which you lose several kilos in a few weeks
  • why and how water can make you slim, but also FAT
  • permanently avoid the yo-yo effect
  • What to do if you suddenly stop losing weight
  • why and how cold showers and intermittent fasting help burn fat fast
  • which small details, which are often neglected, torpedo your goal
  • why very hot and very cold foods and drinks make you fat

And that’s not all for your body!

You will also learn,

  • the reason why the vast majority of Africans are more muscular than Europeans
  • why they have firmer skin and a firm butt without having to exercise, just through food choices
  • the reason, why most people under 35 in Africa have six pack abs without exercise and what they eat to get it
  • why African women have less cellulite

Tips and tricks for your body

In addition to authentic and worth knowing tips and tricks for your dream body, you will also receive great and delicious recipes that are guaranteed to leave you wanting for nothing, because Dantse Dantse is not a fan of radical renunciation and ineffective diets. Everything he recommends to you, he has tested himself and had tested.
“No other book in the world gathers so much insider information in one place. Just take a quick look at the table of contents and you’ll see that I’m not promising you too much. I am revealing my complete knowledge and many facts from many cultures to you here that you do not yet know. The result is my proof. Start now, start immediately with DantseLOGIC(TM) – master your weight!” says the author.

Are you fed up with your body?

If you’re fed up with the annoying yo-yo effect and don’t have time for hours of sweating in the gym, find rigid weight loss programs totally unrealistic, or your weight loss isn’t progressing despite all your efforts, then this guide is just right for you!

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The author:

WARNUNG: Das Lesen der Bücher von Dantse Dantse kann deine Augen öffnen, die Ohren sensibilisieren, die Zunge schärfen, dein Herz berühren, dein Leben beeinflussen, deinen Horizont erweitern, deine Sorgen beseitigen, dich gesund machen und erhalten, dein Schicksal verändern und dich glücklich machen.

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