The red book of sex: German sex fantasies – sex on the internet

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Inhaltsgleich mit “Deutsche Sexfantasien – Deutschland geht fremd”, nur mit anderem Titel und anderem Cover!

57 Anzeigen, mehr als 300 Antworten. Jede Anzeige und jede Antwort ist für sich ein Original. Sehr lustig und erkenntnisreich!

„Attraktive Afrikanerin, Studentin sucht Weißen für schöne Unternehmungen“
elegant, gut aussehend, sehr schöne und knackige afrikanische Figur, intelligent, studiert an der TU, sucht einen ebenso attraktiven Mann zum Kennen lernen mind. 30J alt. Du musst keine Schönheit sein, aber lustig, offen, respektvoll lieb, aufmerksam, gut bestückt und echter Mann sein.

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@@Deutsche Sexfantasien

Resembling  “German sex fantasies – Germany plays around”,@@ just with another title and cover! 57 newspaper ads, over 300 answers. Each ad and answer an unique example of its own. Very funny and insightful!

“Attractive African woman, student, looks for a white guy for pleasant activities!”
elegant, good looking, very beautiful luscious African shape, intelligent, studies at TU (@), looks for getting to know an equally attractive man who is at least 30 years old. You don’t have to be a beauty, but funny and outspoken, respectfully sweet, attentive, hung like a horse and a true man.

“Are you looking for papers or really for sex? I’m asking cause you are looking for a white guy. You fooled us enough. My last wife from Nigeria didn’t even stay for 3 months with me. But I can’t let go off black women. That’s why I am writing you. If you already have a visa for Germany then I want to get to know you. I am xxxx. 52 years old. Not very potent but all the more sweet and attentive. Kind regards xxxx”

Experiencing German sex fantasies, being amazed, laughing and relaxing.

Understand why Germany doesn’t take any joy when it comes to enjoying sex. Germans don’t entertain themselves with their lust. Convince yourself now. Feet up and read!

Germans are masters of sex ads, a French person told me 10 years ago. Our author didn’t want to believe this because he only saw  the “loyal”, quiet and disinterested in sex around him. At least they acted like that. He only knew people who claimed that sex wasn’t the most important. But you could read it everywhere: Porn pages are the most searched and most clicked pages on the internet in Germany.


His question then was: Who are these people who click on these pages and watch porn? Who places sex ads or answers them daily over a million times? What are these people looking for? Which fantasies appear on these ads and answers? Which ads get more answers? Does the ad of a woman with a fine figure attract more answers than one of a chubby woman? Do disabled people even get answers on their ads? Does a black guy get more attention than a white guy? Do singles truly look for something while couples stay loyal? And what about women? Do they dutifully stay at home and have no fantasies? Who answers perverted sex ads, a doctor or a farmer?

The answers astonished him and the readers will be astonished as well.


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The all-round, multiple bestselling author with over 120 books in German, among them manuals, non-fiction books about topics like health, psychology, child education and fiction, publisher, founder, expert of nutrition, human behavior and personality development, as well as very successful life and health coach, Dantse Dantse works and lives in Darmstadt.

WARNING: Reading the books by Dantse Dantse can open your eyes, sensitize your ears, sharpen your tongue, touch your heart, influence your life, broaden your horizon, eliminate your worries, make and keep you healthy, change your destiny and make you happy.

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