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The 4 Pillars of Happiness: How VALUES make you happy forever, no matter what happens

Here you can find the table of contents of „The 4 Pillars of Happiness: How VALUES make you happy forever, no matter what happens“ by Dantse Dantse and explore all the amazing topics.

Being Happy Means Taming Unhappiness

Do You Want to Be Really Happy? Being Happy Is Not a Matter of Good Luck

Thinking Primitively? Does the Modern and Civilised Way of Thinking Liberate You and Does It Make You Happy?

Part A

Important Insights Into Happiness

A1 If Only I …, Then I Would Be Happy: The Wrong Kind of Happiness

A 2 It’s Our Perception of Things That Makes Us Unhappy

A 3 Are You Always Happy?

A 4 The Pursuit of Happiness: When Will You Be Happy?

A 5 True Happiness and Happy Moments

A 6 The Saboteurs of Happiness: 30 Things Happy People Do Not Do

A 7 The 14 Most Tenacious Characteristics of Unhappy People

A 8 What Luck Does Not Depend on: What Do We Need to Be Happy?

A 9 Deliberately Deciding to Be Happy Is the Precondition to Be Happy

A 10 Can You Buy Happiness? Yes and No

Part B 

The Laws of the “Primitives” for Becoming and Staying Happy

B 1 The Architects of Happiness – The 2 Codes the Primitives Use: The Foundation of True Happiness

1. Code 1: Love – Self-Love and Altruism, How Do You Love?

1.1 What Is Love Anyway?

1.2 True Love Is No Consumptive Love, No “Body Love”

1.3 How Do You Recognize Someone Who Does Not Love Themselves and Therefore Does Not Love Others?

1.4 Self-Love: How Do You Love Yourself Positively?

1.5 Childhood – The Cradle of Happiness

1.6 Altruism: Loving Others

1.7 So, How Do Love and Altruism Make You Happy?

2. Code 2: Justice – Being Just, Living Justness

B 2 The Primitives’ 7 Technicians of Happiness

1. Mercy: Having a Good Heart and Helping Others

2. Believing in God

2.1 How Does Faith Make You Happy?

2.2 How Do I Believe?

2.3 Believing in Miracles Makes You Happy

3. Bringing Peace

4. Gratitude: Being Grateful for Everything

5. Forgiving, Asking for Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

6. Being Humble Without Being Humiliated

7. Do Not Compare Yourself

B 3 The Primitives’ Workers of Happiness

1. Serenity and Patience

2. A Positive Self-Image Makes You Happy: How Do You Develop a Positive Self-Image?

3. Praying, Meditating, Calmness

4. Do Not Judge

5. Letting Go, Neglecting and Giving Away Control

6. Do Not Desire Anything

7. Joy Instead of Worry: Do Not Worry and Do Not Ponder!

8. Saying Yes Instead of No

9. Not Worshipping Money and Having

10. Rejecting and Fighting Poverty Makes You Happy

11. Giving and Generosity

12. A Diversified Occupation and Being Active

13. A Satisfying Sexuality

14. Food and a Healthy Diet

B4 The Helpers of Happiness the Primitives Use

Part C 

Two Rituals With Magical Effects to Get into the Flow of Happiness and Stay There

C1 The Morning Ritual, the Best Programme of Happiness to Get into the Flow of Happiness

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