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28. Mai 2021

This is why milk is bad for you // Quote of the day May 28

In the following abstract Dantse’s father explains why adults shouldn’t be drinking milk: 

“When I was a child, I asked my father why Africans did not practice milk cow breeding and why they did not drink milk in the morning like the Europeans did, but rather eat something warm instead. We would have enough money (40 years ago, having milk and toast for breakfast was only something for people, who could afford it. Milk was very expensive because it was imported from Europe. If one drank milk and ate toast, one showed, that one was living in wealth and my dad could have done that). He answered:

“Because cow is cow, and human is human. Our tradition does not develop anything that harms humansCow milk might not be healthy for men. Milk seems to have some healthy characteristics, but traditional examinations proved that cow milk can cause certain diseases for men.” Then he asked me: “Why should an adult human still drink milk? That would be unique in the world. Nature had not foreseen that. Milk is for the growth of children and not for the diet of adults”. 

Is milk really a supporting factor for cancer? 

An abstract:  

“(…) As with pills, chemotherapy, radiation treatment and certain medication, dairy products cause a  range of mindsets within scientists, and they are certainly up for debate. Some of them say that since dairy contains a high level of calcium and has a nearly ideal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, dairy and dairy-like products are perfect choices in food. But at the same time, many studies warn of the dangers of dairy products, since they can cause cancer. Dairy includes high levels of estrogen and progesterone, which increase the potency of contracting breast, ovarian and uterus cancer significantly.

Critics warn that the food dairy cows are fed with has little to do with greens but instead with concentrate, which gets mixed with chemicals and toxins (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, medicines and so forth). Their point is taken across by the increased spreading of food incompatibilities. Milk from cows is only healthy for calves until they are ready to eat and digest grass, warn the critics further on. They stress that nature did not intend humans to drink milk until and after they are fully grown”. 

One thing is for sure: 

“(…)Dairy products are staple foods within western countries. Most dishes, baked goods, cakes, chocolates and sweets contain something – ranging from more to less – made from milk. Therefore, dairy is existential for the economy and food industry, which means consumers cannot know for sure, which side of the debate is right, and which is not. Even reports by the media can be biased because of this”.  



Want to know more? 

Find out more about carcinogen substances here: 






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