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28. Mai 2021

Wheat, wheat and more wheat: Dantse’s self-experiment

Wheat, wheat and more wheatDantse’s self-experiment 

The publisher and life coach Danste loves a challenge: For his own studies, he tried out his own experiment: Excessively eating wheat! 

During his time as a coach, he has repeatedly heard from his clients, who happen to eat lots of this product (sometimes even pure), that they suffer from psychological ailments. 

Is there a correlation between wheat and psychological ailments? 

An abstract from Dantse’s book:  

“(…) I underwent an experiment after my own design: I ate a lot of white flour, in every form, even pure flour, just like my patients. After five days my mood changed completely. I was aggressive, depressed and moody all day long, without having an actual reason for it. I was feeling weaker and weaker, and I couldn’t work up the motivation for some exercise, which I normally do for fun”. 

() It was remarkable that the symptoms started disappearing just one day after I stopped eating white flour, like it was magic. […] But I had to fight the sudden urge to eat bread. Only a few days later I realized that I had gained weight. After this experience – which is documented more precise in my book “Weizen Wahnsinn” (Translation: Wheat Madness) – I knew that wheat could become an addiction for you – or at least for me – and that it creates other urges, like eating more salt, sugar, butter and milk, as well as depleting your health and maybe even your psyche.

Sadly, this issue is not covered well. The reports I found confirmed my own experimental findings. White flour can make a certain percent of people addicted, just like cigarettes and alcohol. What I couldn’t sort out was if mental illnesses cause the addiction to white flour or if white flour causes or intensifies the illness. 

What does the cardiologist have to say about this matter? 

“(…) The cardiologist Dr. William Davis has shown how genetically modified wheat causes us to be addicted and how it can alter our behavior and our thoughts in his book “Wheat Belly” in 2011. By the means of natural antibodies, wheat prevents the human body to function properly by not being able to take in minerals as it should. This could lead to an alternation of the metabolism…” 

Some ailments caused by the consumption of wheat: 

  • Wheat belly  
  • Wheat addiction 
  • Obesity 
  • Stomach pain 
  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure 
  • And much more… 


What can be said: “The dosage makes the poison” …  

Want to know more? 

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